Year 1 Newsletter 2023

Teaching and Learning at St Philips C of E Primary School


Class: Mr Brown                   Year     1         Half Term:      Autumn, 2023


Your child will be learning about the following this half term:




  • Our books are Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers and Bumblebear by Sarah Roberts.

·         In this half term we will be labelling and writing a description of penguins and bees.

·         We will be learning how to

·         Combine words to make sentences.

·         Leave spaces between words.

·          Begin to use capital letters and full stops.

·          Use capital letters for names of people and the personal pronoun.


·         Numbers to 10

·         Number Bonds

·         Addition within 10

·         Subtraction within 10


  • Computing systems and networks
  • Technology around us
  • E Safety


Harvest/God and Creation


Healthy Lifestyles


  • Everyday materials
  • Using words to describe the materials.

  • Drawing
  • Make your mark.

Our Local area

We will be learning

  • How to use maps
  • About Hulme and popular shops
  • About the UK and where Manchester is.




Boot camp

·         Completing a range of circuit-based activities and to understand the reason for doing them.

·         Understanding what happens to the heart rate during exercise.


Multi skills

·         Learning how to use a range of equipment.

·         Learning about different how to balance on different balance points.


Modern Foreign Language (Spanish)

  • We’ll be learning greetings, numbers to ten, some colours and a couple of songs.