Hi everyone,

Here is you next week’s work activities!

Remember to continue to try your best. If you find the work too easy or too difficult, you can always go online and find some guides to help you, or find alternative work to do.  Just remember to keep busy!

Don’t forget you can message me at year4@st-philips.manchester.sch.uk. It would be great to hear from you!

Here is your plan for the week:

W/B 18.05.20 Plan

Below is the list of links to the files you need. I have turned everything into a picture file so, hopefully, it will open up no matter which device you are using. If you have a printer, you can print them out, otherwise view them on screen and complete the work in your books.



Robin Hood Reading

Robin Hood Questions

Animal Groups

Animal Groups p2




Hindu Gods Reading

Hindu Gods Questions

Maths Mat 1


Metaphor and Simile

Maths Mat 2

ESafety Things to Keep Safe



Mr Scott

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