Hi Year 6!

Thank you to all the pupils and parents that have emailed me to let me know how they are getting on, I really appreciate it. I hope that you have all enjoyed working on your history projects! Please email me pictures of your work if you can.

The email address is:


Please continue to exercise often and read as much as you can! If you have been reading a really good book let me know and I will recommend it to the rest of the class.


Tasks for Week Beginning 18.5.20


Please start working through Section Four in your CGP books, Ratio, Proportion & Algebra. Remember that if you are finding anything particularly difficult, or if you have questions about the work, do not hesitate to contact me using the email address provided.

Here are some videos to help you with your learning:




Spelling, Punctuation & Grammar

Next week’s spellings:



Can you use different strategies to practise spelling these common exception words? (pyramid spelling, box spelling, rainbow words etc)

Can you write some sentences using these words? (You may need to use an online dictionary to find out the definitions before you write your sentences!) Can you include some of these spellings in your creative writing?

On Friday, ask a member of your family to test you on your spellings. Good luck!

As well as learning these spellings, can you please start working through Section 5 – Sentence Structure  in your CGP SPAG books. You can work directly in these books but feel free to make some notes in your exercise books.



Continue to read as much as you can for fun and also continue with the CGP ten-minute tests.

Don’t forget that you can also listen to some of your favourite stories for free with audible:




This week I would like you to create a piece of art work in the style of Andy Warhol.

Here is some information about him:


Task: Warhol’s paintings of Campbell’s Soup were very popular. I would like you create a similar piece. Please choose a tin from your cupboard, draw it multiple times and then colour each one in bright colours. It doesn’t have to be soup, it can be anything you like, (baked beans, tinned vegetables, custard etc).

Please send me pictures of your work! The more colourful the better! Let’s brighten up our class page : )


I hope that you all enjoy your learning this week year 6.

Stay safe and stay positive : )

Miss Donnelly


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