School Council

At St Philip’s Primary School, we ensure that the voices of our pupils are heard and valued. We provide regular opportunities to gather Pupil Voice. Pupil Voice provides an opportunity for learners to play an active role in decisions affecting them. They can plan and review the actions taken, as well as taking responsibility for how these actions will happen.

One way we use Pupil Voice in our school is to appoint members of a School Council.

We elect a new School Council every year. This group of pupils meet at least once every half-term. At these meetings, they have the chance to discuss and implement ideas that could help improve the school. These might be problems that need to be solved or new ideas.

To get an overview of what is going on around the school, School Council members have the chance to ask all the children in their class their opinions about what is to be discussed at the
next meeting.

Other important jobs the School Council does includes:

  • giving school tours for visitors.
  • meetings with school governors and the senior leadership team.
  • being ambassadors for the school at
    important events.
  • improving parts of the school that are a priority.
  • helping to organise events.
  • deciding on action points for improvements.

Congratulations to our newly elected school councillors!

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