Reception Newsletter 2023

Teaching and Learning at St Philips C of E Primary School


Class: Mrs Al-Shamiry                    Reception      Half Term:      Autumn 1, 2023


Your child will be learning about the following this half term:



·         Our key focus points for this half term is supporting to use the correct pencil grip and helping them to become confident in writing their names independently. We will also be learning to identify rhyme, through songs, books and games.

·         Our topic for Autumn 1 is ‘Ourselves ‘. We will cover a range of books looking at emotions, our bodies and our family.

·         The Colour Monster – Anna Llenas: Reception will become familiar with the story and go on to identify their own emotions, and talk about what makes them feel a certain way.

·         My Me and My Amazing Body – Joan Sweeney. Reception will become familiar with the story and go on to write their own labels for body parts, focussing on initial and end sounds.

·         Who’s in my family – Robbie Harris. We will learn about different family types, cultures and what makes our own family special to us. We will draw and label the people in our family.




·         Number: Reception will look at numbers and quantity to 5, identifying when there is ‘more’ and ‘less’ and subitising.

·         Shape: Reception will look at the properties of 2D shapes (triangles, rectangles, squares and circles) including corners and how many straight/curved edges and they have.

·         Key mathematical concepts: Reception will look at positional language such as in, on, below, behind.

Communication and language

·         We will provide the children with lots of opportunities for back and forth interactions with staff and each other.

·         A lot of time will be spent this half term getting to know the children and helping them to express their needs verbally using an increasing range of vocabulary.

·         Our focus songs for this half term are ‘Heads Shoulders Knees and Toes’, ‘I’ve Got a Body’, ‘If You’re Happy and You Know it’ as well as listening games like ‘Simon Says’.


·         Our topic in RE this half term is all about how ‘where we belong’ and how we are special in the eyes of God. We will learn about the ways that God made us unique and we will celebrate our differences.



·         Reception will learn about the importance of good hygiene, such as effective hand washing techniques.

·         We will learn about being kind to our friends, such as sharing and using manners.

·         In the last week we will learn about healthy seasonal vegetables and the importance of a healthy diet.

Physical Development


·         Reception will learn how to get changed for PE independently this half term.


·         Every Tuesday they will spend an hour with a MCFC ‘City in the Community’ coach.


·         Children will explore different ways to move and try to create dances based around them.