The PE curriculum at St Philips allows each child to aspire to be the best that they can be. We believe that a huge part of this is through physical activity during PE lessons and break times, where exercise contributes towards an active and healthy lifestyle.

Our curriculum ensures that children can take part and sustain in physical activity for a period of time using the correct equipment and we aim to create competitiveness between the pupils. We create opportunities for children to be physically confident through a wide variety of sports and activities which build on new skills each year and allow the children to apply these skills through games. We also encourage the children to think about the science behind physical education and the effects that exercise has on our body.

The curriculum meets all aspects of the National Curriculum and is inclusive, challenging and enjoyable.

As a school, we have chosen to use the Rising Stars ‘Champions’ PE scheme to support teaching, learning and assessment. The sequence of the lessons has been carefully thought out and each lesson builds on prior learning, gives key vocabulary, levels of differentiation and specific assessment points. We have seen through this that pupils make huge progress, build on key physical skills and most importantly create a love of physical education and exercise.



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