Our Faith

We are committed to a distinctively Christian and Anglican educational experience. We want our school to be a happy place where children can become the best that they can be. This is supported by a loving and carefully nurtured culture of faith and hopefulness as well as educational excellence. We aim to provide our pupils with the opportunities to explore RE to the fullest extent, seeking the highest professional standards and promoting enjoyment of discovery and new learning in RE.

At St Philip’s CE Primary School, the daily act of collective worship is an integral and important part of school life.

It is a time where we come together to share our love of God, and we encourage the growth of  Christian values and an attitude of wonder and reflection, which permeate the ethos of the school. We have regular contributions to assembly from a variety of speakers including clergy and visitors; but also cultivate our own spirituality being led by staff and students. In accordance with Manchester Diocesan Guidelines, our school ensures that every child is entitled to an opportunity for daily worship.

We are supported in the curriculum, worship and pastoral care by clergy from our link church, The Ascension. We most frequently meet:

– Father Azariah: he likes podcasts, storytelling, and making music.

– Reverend Bec: who sings, does knitting and has a little puppy.

– Steve: who is creative, likes meeting new people and building community.

They hold services on Sunday mornings, Thursday lunchtimes and Thursday evenings. More information can be found on their website: https://www.ascensionchurchhulme.com/

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