Geography & History

At St Philip’s we want our children to leave school with an understanding of the world in which they live. We believe that our geography curriculum is fundamental in broadening our pupils’ experiences of the world around them, as well as current environmental issues. We want our children to have a strong grounding in human and physical geography, and to have the opportunity to use maps and have hands-on fieldwork experiences. Our ambition is to teach geography in such a way as to excite our children and encourage them to ask questions about the world in which they live.
We want our children to develop a broad understanding of how Hulme and Manchester sit within the country, the continent and the world. Our intention is for pupils to know how the world has developed and changed over time, not just physically but through human interaction. We want our children to think as geographers looking at the world and thinking about the processes of the planet, assembling the concepts they have learned over time as if putting together a jigsaw puzzle.
Through our curriculum we want to create a curiosity and fascination that is lifelong and for our children to enjoy the wonder of our beautiful world.

At St Philip’s CofE Primary School, we want our History curriculum to encourage our pupils to become active learners and develop their passion for history and a sense of who they are – locally, nationally and globally. Our aim is to develop well-rounded and successful historians, informed by the National Curriculum, and exposed to planned and differentiated lessons.
We want pupils to develop their knowledge of chronology and historical facts, allowing them to understand a sense of time and overall understanding of when and what events took place. In addition, we aim to ensure continuity and progression across key stages, building up the children’s knowledge of history and key historical facts from their local community, England and the wider world. We want children to build their knowledge in such a way that they can link what they are learning to what they have learned before. At St Philip’s we want to help the children to learn not just historical knowledge but also skills and concepts. We want them to be able to understand the knowledge that they are learning. History is not just learning facts, it is about interpreting those facts and we want to help our children to develop the skills to be able to do this. We want them to be able to develop the necessary knowledge and skills to empower them to take their role as informed and active citizens in the 21st century. History can broaden cultural horizons. Children at St Philip’s come from an inner city setting and as a result, for some opportunities to explore a wider history can be limited. We aim to support our children to deepen their cultural understanding and develop a desire to engage further. We want our children to develop a strong understanding of History so that they ask and answer questions about the world around them and be able to link what has happened in the past with what is happening today. We want our children to be excited about History and develop a passion for finding out more.

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