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Work for isolation- starting 21.10.20.

Hi Year 5, I hope you are all okay.  Here are the worksheets for the 21st October, 22nd October, 23rd October, 2nd November and 3rd November. Please complete 1 maths worksheet, 1 literacy worksheet and an afternoon activity per day. The worksheets that are labelled...

Week beginning 19.10.2020

Hello Year 6! Here is the work for this week. A-Week-in-Chloes-Shoes-Year-6-Whole-Class-Guided-Reading-Interactive GPS-Year-5-Spring-Block-1-Step-2-HW-EXT-Using-Brackets-to-Indicate-Parenthesis (1) Light-and-Shadows-Y3m-Y4d-Y5e-Ruby-Guided-Reading-Pack...

Year 6 Zoom Call

Hi everyone! I'm really looking forward to seeing you all on our Zoom call on Thursday 16th July at 11am. You will need to have a Zoom account and the meeting details that have been emailed to you. If you have not already received the meeting details, please contact...




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