WB 13.7

Hello Year 1 here is the last weeks work. enjoy the summer holidays! Wednesday year 1 Tuesday year 1 Thursday year 1 Monday year 1  

WB 6.7.2020

Hello year 1. Here is your work for this week planning-Year-1- 6 7 Pirate Pete Science National Childrens Day Message In A Bottle Activity Geography Pirate Pete T T 2548201 How To Make A Pirate Hat Instruction Activity Sheet T T 5218 Design Your Own Ship Flag Activity...

WB 29.6.2020

Hello Year 1. Here is the work for this week! monday Friday Wednesday Tuesday Thursday

WB 22.6.2020

Hello Year 1! Here is the work for this week. I hope you enjoy it. If you would like to show me any work you have done please email me a picture. geog uk DT Bottle Art SP Science glitter planning-Year-1- 22 6 Hist toys

WB 15.6.2020

Hello Year 1. Here is the work for this week. I have split it up into days to make it more printer friendly.:) monday 15.6.20 Friday 19.6.20 Wednesday 17.6.20 Tuesday 16.6.20 Thursday 18.6.20